I-stop flashing.

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Percy247 wrote: Fri Nov 24, 2023 2:52 pm Flashing I-stop appeared for the first time today on our 2016 Mazda 2 and the wife nearly Sh1t a brick. I have told her numerous times if the light is red then start to worry and don't drive the car. If it's orange then don't worry.

So I guess it's new battery time. Is there anything special about these batteries? I presume they are not AGM batteries and don't need coding? I am guessing the istop needs resetting somehow but I am sure Google can help there.
I think you'll find the battery is an EFB type. Would think it should be marked on the top of your current battery.

This is from the Yuasa battery companies UK website search :-

Mazda 2 1.5 Diesel (2015-2017)
OE battery is EFB. Only replace with EFB battery

NB: When selecting a replacement battery I'd definitely recommend you check the size of the your current battery and battery tray as it seems the various makers batteries seem to be in a few different sizes from various searches I did a few years back when contemplating changing mine.

Regarding resetting i-stop, this is what I found for my CX-3 and presume would be the same or similar for your Mazda 2 :-

Mazda CX-3 Battery Removal_Installation.pdf
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Many thanks for that @st3v3cx-3. Drove the car yesterday and today and the flashing I-stop has cleared and not returned. I guess it's the first sign the battery is on its way out. I checked out tayna batteries and they recommended a N72 Varta 068EFB but Eurocarparts recommend a different size battery completely?

I have measured the existing battery and will get a new one that is physically the same size and of equal or greater Ah and CCA. The recommended Yuasa YBX7005 is only 65Ah Vs the 72Ah of the existing battery, whether that matters as the CCA are the same.
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FYI, the battery for your car from a Mazda dealer is listed as p/no. S805-18-520A-9D @ £136.97 + VAT

Screenshot 2023-11-26 230755.jpg

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If you see my post above it will explain what I did , just put jump leads onto the battery leads before disconnecting and all fine.
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Many thanks for the above.
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Thanks everyone. I’m going to get the battery replaced I think as I don’t want to be stranded with a car that suddenly won’t start and that flashing light is starting to get annoying.
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redimps2003 wrote: Sat Oct 21, 2023 11:45 pm Mine has been doing this increasingly frequently since about Christmas. Battery is testing fine. Car runs fine with the warnings on except for I-stop not operating. Sometimes it's days before the issue recurs, other times it comes and goes within the same day. Can persist for several days or just last for a day or two. Not spotted any rhyme or reason to date. My car is also seven years old - I have no idea how old the battery is.
My battery is the original but testing fine too. Bit worried that it might just die though so I think I’m going to get it replaced.
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I replaced mine with a Varta N72 from Tayna batteries that was delivered next day for £122. It even had the bonus of two handles compared to the old GS battery which makes lifting 16.7Kg a bit easier.

I did not use a temporary power source and it seems only that the trip meter and expected range have reset themselves. Stop/Start kicked in after a few 20 minute journeys once the battery was suitably charged and without the need to reset it.
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Got exactly the same issues, which is annoying as only got the car a couple of months ago but with the added bonus of a flat battery the other week. Recovery man said battery didn’t need changing and just needed a good charge. Done a few 2hr+ journeys but still showing and sounds like not starting easily. Hoping new battery will fix it.
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Update on my I-Stop issue.

The I-Stop was restored , after not working, by topping up the Battery. But Alas it's not working again. After almost 8 years it's done well!!

I was quoted about £115 for a replacement at my Dealer which I thought was ok.

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